Silencing the Stigma of Medical Marijuana Use

As forward as the momentum of medical marijuana is moving across Canada and the US, many legal medical marijuana card holding citizens are finding that discrimination hasn’t quite yet died. Thanks to years of negative propaganda against marijuana, there’s a lot of stereotypes that surround those who use it medically or otherwise.

Although those of us that use medical marijuana know that we’re not all a bunch of burned-out hippies too stoned to get off the couch and do anything with our lives, there are still a bunch of people that would like to argue otherwise. The thing is, these stereotypes don’t really apply anymore (if they ever did at all) and those using medical marijuana aren’t a bunch of lazy, tie-dye clad kids blazing it up at 4:20.

The modern medical marijuana patient is…well, everyone. You can bet your best friend’s grandma with terminal cancer is taking some form of medical cannabis. And the kid down the street not suffering from life threatening seizures anymore? Yep, his parents are more than likely giving him a CBD oil to stop these seizures in their tracks.

With marijuana legalized for medical use in Canada and the US, with talks of Canada soon following in the footsteps of US states like Colorado and Washington where weed is legal for both medical and recreational use, many people have come out of the “marijuana closet” and now admit freely to using this once taboo substance. From celebrities like Susan Sarandon and Justine Timberlake to former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg, the stigma of marijuana use is slowing getting shut down. Even Martha Stewart says “of course” she knows how to roll a joint.

Despite the outspoken successful speaking out for marijuana use, there are still those that are not so sure. The “gateway drug” theory is still alive and well in some circles and while new Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stands behind full-blown legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana, some of those running in the US elections are singing a different song.

Take presidential candidate and governor of the state of New Jersey, Chris Christie for instance. He promised recently that if in fact he is elected to serve as President of the United States of America, he will crack down on marijuana sales. A firm supporter of the “gateway” drug argument, he seems to be forgetting that his state was one of the first to legalize medical marijuana.

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