[Updated] Make Money With Our New Affiliate Program Here

international Budstore :

Our affiliate program to help you promote and make money for any of your friends who buy weed online in canada is now here. You can register for free and instantly start sharing your affiliate links with your friends on your social media, your website any forums out there or anywhere else you can think of. We can even help you create custom business cards if you want to start handing these out offline with your friends and family.

Make money now with Canada’s fastest growing industry today! Register here:


We have now, because of ease and simplicity, decided to use the refer a friend program instead for the time being: http://internationalbudstore.com/

With refer a friend if you invite a friend via Facebook, Twitter or Email and they will receive 10% off on their first order, PLUS you will get $20 store credit in your own account with their first order as our little way of saying thank you! The credit will immediately get applied to your account as soon as your friend purchases from us, gets his age verified and then his shipment sent.

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